Yosef Cu Cuileann - aka Yosef - aka Yosef of Arimathea (the Messiah King of Judaea) - Joseph of Arimathea of the bible


Our main character is born 34 BCE to Cu Roin of Ireland and Esu/Luachail of Judaea.  Yosef Cu Cuileann is Crown Prince (in Exile) of Ireland until his father’s death in 10 CE, at which time he becomes the King of Glastonbury, and Ireland (in Exile). 


In 12 BCE, at the age of 22, Joseph Cu Cuileann leaves Ireland with his mother (who wishes to see the home of her youth again) to see some of the works his father had commissioned, including work on various temples in Elephantine Island, Leontopolis, and for the expansion of the Temple in Jerusalem being done by Herod, as well as the expansion of a settlement at Qumran where the priests of Yahu have migrated.  On their way, they stop in Rome where Emperor Augustus welcomes them and appoints Centurion Gaius Cornelius, along with 12 Roman soldiers as their personal bodyguards. 


Augustus is quite nervous and vows that nothing will happen to this very important family in his kingdom on his watch. They travel on to Egypt and visit with Luachail’s family and spend close to a year there.  While there, Joseph Cu Cuileann learns first hand from the priests of Leontopolis about the abhorrent conditions, both politically and economically in Israel at the time, as well as the horrible abuses of power of the priests and Herod himself, who is not only a tyrant, but appears to be a sociopath as well.  Herod has murdered much of his own family in his quest to maintain power.  In 30 BCE he murdered his cousin Rachel’s husband, Mattathias, in an attempt to remove potential heirs to the legal throne.  His cousin’s half-brother, Heli, who worked for the family as liaison to their mines in Britain and was an appointed Roman Decurion is also murdered on charges of sedition in 17 BCE, which apparently is the indictment of choice that Herod has been using to murder off his competition.


Unfortunately, just before they are readying to leave for Palestine, Yosef’s mother, Luachail, is taken ill and dies.  Cu Cuileann takes her remains to Elephantine Island before leaving for Jerusalem.  In her honor, he has decided to build a city of truth, called Nazara, on the ashes of Tzipori in Galilee.  It is here that we first meet Yosef, disguised for his own protection.  It is 10 BCE and he is 24 years old.  He is also unmarried.


Yosef Cu Cuileann is a very wealthy man, heir to one of the largest fortunes in the empire, and his family controls the richest mines which are needed for providing armaments for the Roman military. Because of this, pretty much everyone is in deference to this man.  Also, because of his pedigree with respect to the line of David, most Jews recognize his significance.  Shortly after arriving in Jerusalem, he is granted a position of esteem on the Great Sanhedrin, which he will keep and use in times of great stress when his son is hanging from the cross.  Herod knows of his existence, but is powerless to touch the man given his close relations with the Emperor.


Yosef will become the noblis Decurion, or Roman officer appointed as Minister of the Mines, and Decurion of the Mendip Mines on the Cornwall Peninsula given his strategic association and ownership of such.


Yosef becomes good friends with Ananias ben Ananias, son of a future High Priest of Jerusalem.


He also becomes friends with Herod Philip I, the son of Herod and his third wife, Mariamne, daughter of High Priest Simon V Boethus.  Herod Philip I and his wife Herodias will have a daughter, named Mariamne, who we will meet much later on as Mary Magdalene. 


As the Crown Prince, he is also known as Yosef Ha Rama Theo.  Ha Rama Theo is a title “of Divine Highness”, or “of the Messiah King”), a title given to the first born heir of the line of David, or heir to the messiahship/king of Judaea).  [Joseph Ha Rama Theo = Yosef (of) H-Arama theo = Yosef (of) H-Arimathea; that is, Yosef of Arimathea].


Yosef will initially take up residence just north of Jerusalem at the estate of his uncle Cu Yehosha, in the town that has taken on the name of Arimathea; he will be known in history as Joseph of Arimathea.


Because of the extensive building project that Yosef Cu Cuileann has undertaken, he is also nicknamed “the Carpenter” by the Romans.