Seosam Cu Roi(n) (62 BCE - 10 CE) - aka Seosam Cu Roin - Ha Rama Theo (Of Divine Highness/Messiah King of Judaea) - Yosef's father


  • Crown Prince of Ireland (62 – 31 BCE)


  • King of Ireland (31 BCE – 10 CE)


In 44 BCE, when Julius Caesar is murdered, Seosam is 18 years old.  Julius Caesar had visited Cu Roin’s home in Ireland in 55 BCE when he needed help to convince the different Celtic tribes in Britain to accept Roman rule.  The tribes were fighting amongst themselves and had stopped production on the various mines in Britain which was a huge concern for the Roman military who required its metals for their various war implements.  Caesar evidently made a big impression on the young Seosam on this visit and when he dies, Cu Roin wanted to pay tribute to the man in Rome.  His father refuses to let him go then, but seven years later in 37 BCE, Cu Laoch relents and allows Seosam Cu Roin to accompany his brother, Yehosha on an extended trip abroad where he is to be introduced to the international portion of the family business.  Yehosha’s daughter is to marry a newly ordained Prince of David, Mattathias ben Levi in Jerusalem.


After his cousin’s marriage, Seosam Cu Roin and Cu Yehosha travel extensively to Rome where they politic with Augustus Caesar and others in power there.  The Romans continue their strategic alliance with this austere family and as a gesture of friendship grant Cu Roin, Yehosha, and all of their descendents Roman citizenship with all the many privileges this status affords.  Cu Roin and Yehosha also visit the various mines and other interests in Britain, France and Spain.  They travel to Egypt and Alexandria, and all over Palestine where they purchase many family estates.  In all, Seosam spends two and a half years away from Ireland.


While in Egypt, he meets and falls in love with the daughter of the High Priest of YAHU, Esu – aka Luachail.  They marry at the Temple at Elephantine Island.  Shortly after marrying, Cu Roin returns home to Ireland and learns that his father is ill.  In 31 BCE, Seosam Cu Roin succeeds his father and becomes the King of Ireland.


In 34 BCE, Cu Roin and Luachail have a son, Cu Cuileann – aka Yosef – aka Yosef Ha Rama Theo.  He becomes the new Crown Prince of Ireland and the next Ha Rama Theo (of Divine Highness or Messiah King).  This title has always been given to the true heir to the line of David.  As they are descendants of the last true/blood King of Judaea, this title is been given to each generation’s first male heir.