Herod Philip I – Tetrarch of Batanea, Auranitis, Upper Galilee


Herod Philip I is the son of Herod and Mariamne II, the third wife of Herod and second wife named Mariamne.  Mariamne II was the daughter of Simon IV Boethus, one of the seven sons of the High Priest Boethus, who was brought out of Egypt at the request of Herod to reestablish the legal line of Tzadok High Priests as the sons of Aaron.  This line of High Priests had migrated to Leontopolis, Egypt after Antiochus IV Epiphanes (Seleucid King) deposed the line and began selling the position to the highest bidder.  In Leontopolis, Onias V, the legal line of the Aaron High Priests built another Jewish Temple and continued the legal branch of priests.


After Herod the Great dies in 4 BCE, Herod Philip is given a portion of Judaea, primarily in the north and west of Galilee, to rule as Tetrarch by Augustus Caesar, Emperor of the Roman Empire of which Judaea is now part.  Two of his half-brothers were given the remainder of the region to rule.


Herod Philip I has a daughter named Mariamne.  Mariamne will later be known as the Master sage, Mary Magdalene.