Joshua of Arimathea


Son of Rachel and Mattathias.  He was born in Jerusalem in 36 BCE and has lived under the guardianship of his grandfather, Cu Yehosha, since his parent’s death.


Half brother of Heli (Prince Alexander III Helios), Miriam’s (Mary’s) father.


Joshua's grandfather, Cu Yehosha, and his half brother, Heli, are both rich businessmen.  They work for the Holly (Holy) family mines and are both Roman Decurions; that is, Roman appointed miners of strategic metals including tin, antimony and lead used in the smelting production of bronze which was used in the procurement of military armaments.  As Rome required ample metal for use in their constant wars, they had official positions for men responsible for supplying these metals.  Cu Yehosha and Heli controlled the extraction, production, and shipping of these valuable metals to their vast storehouses.


Unfortunately, Heli is murdered under suspicious circumstances in 17 BCE, leaving a daughter, Miriam, who was 9 at the time of his death.