Prince Jacob ben Matthan – Father of Joseph of the Bible/Grandfather of Jesus


Patriarch/Nazi of Jerusalem (36 - 23 BCE), a fairly high ranking position typically given to a ranking Davidian male.  He was of the Abiudite Davidian priestly Line which was legitimized in 37 BCE. 


Jacob was also in the Roman military and in 31 BCE was sent to Egypt by Herod with about 3000 troops to help Ca-+esar ‘Octavian’ in the conquest of Antony and Cleopatra.  It was here that Queen Cleopatra was “given to a foreign Prince” as recorded in history.  That ‘Prince’ was Price Jacob ben Matthan, and she was given to him by her mother, Queen Cleopatra, just prior to her imminent suicide with Antony.  The young Cleopatra was three weeks short of her 13th birthday at the time; and from this time was known as Cleopatra of Jerusalem.  Queen Cleopatra also had a son with Julius Caesar, named Caesarian, who was 14 at the time of his capture.  It was at this time that he was strangled at the order of Octavian Caesar, Julius Caesar’s nephew who inherited everything from Caesar, for “there was not enough room for two Caesars in the Roman Empire”. 


Jacob ben Matthan and Cleopatra of Jerusalem had a son in 29 BCE, named Prince Joseph ben Jacob.


Jacob and Cleopatra also had twin boys, born in 26 BCE.  Their names were Ptolas/Ptoles and Cleopas/Clopas and they play into the future history of those close to Jesus.  [Ptolas/Ptoles = short for Ptolemy, the family name of Cleopatra from Egypt.  Clopas/Cleopas = short for Cleopatra.]  Ptolas will eventually marry a woman named Escha, a daughter of Joachim.  Cleopas will marry Escha’s sister, Mary, known in the Bible as ‘the Other Mary’.


In 23 BCE, intrigue and lust enter the reign of Herod the Great which profoundly affects history.  Sort of a prehistoric Henry VIII actually.  Herod falls in love with a beautiful princess, Mariamne, son of Simon IV Boethus.  It plays out one of two ways:  Either in order to justify his marriage into the family, Herod needs to elevate the status of the family in some way so he appoints Mariamne’s father, Simon IV Boethus, to the position of High Priest; or: because he is in love with Mariamne and wants to marry her, her father, Simon IV wants something in return.  The two things he gets are: elevation to the status of High Priest of Jerusalem, and he is given in marriage a beautiful bride himself, none other than Cleopatra of Jerusalem, the daughter of Cleopatra of Egypt and Julius Caesar.  Mariamne will be the fourth wife of Herod, and the second one named Mariamne (so she is often referred to as Mariamne II).


Note that at this time, in 23 BCE, the current High Priest of Jerusalem is Yehoshua III.  Yehoshua is the father of three daughters, the priestesses Jane/JoAnna, Elizabeth, and (H)anna.  Jane/JoAnna has married Joachim; Elizabeth has married Zechariah; and(H)anna has married Heli, Miriam's father and Joshua's half brother.  In order to facilitate Simon’s ascension to the position of High Priest of Jerusalem, Herod accuses Yehoshua III of sedition and has him executed in 23 BCE.


Also note that at the time, Cleopatra of Jerusalem is already married to Jacob ben Matthan, and they have three children: Joseph, father of Jesus in the bible, and twins Ptoles and Cleopas.  In order to facilitate this marriage to Simon IV Boethus, Herod also accuses Jacob ben Matthan of sedition and has him executed in 23 BCE as well. 


Interestingly, in 23 BCE, after their father’s death, Jacob’s children by Cleopatra (Joseph of the bible, Cleopas and Ptoles), as well as Yehoshua III’s youngest daughter (H)anna and her daughter Miriam, are all whisked away into hiding to Jacob’s brother’s estate in Gamala, Galilee, where they are cared for by Jacob’s brother, Hezekiah.


Jacob has two brothers: Prince Hezekiah/Ezekias the Zealot, and Prince Judas of Gamala/Galilee.  Both are noted in the bible; Hezekiah is named after Ezekiah, the first martyr of the zealots.  Judas the Galilean will be known as the zealot who led the uprising in 6 CE against Roman taxes.