The Greatest Story Ever Told:  A Love Story

                                     by Rebe James

                                      Understanding comes from knowing;

                                          Wisdom comes from understanding; 

                                                       Salvation comes when we wake up and know the truth.


               Greatest  Love Story of All Time


Princess Miriam bat Helios is an Aaronite priestess, a tremendously gifted scholar who has studied at the famed community of Therapeutae and Qumran.  A kind and loving pacifist, she wants nothing more than to help those in need in the troubled times within Galilee.  She is kept from this quest by her overprotective family, who wants instead for her to marry grandly.  To get her own way, Miriam ventures out disguised as a scholarly young waif named Meri.


Yosef of Arimathea is the Crown Prince of Ireland, and a Davidian Prince.  He is protected by a sharp-witted zealot, who in his infinite wisdom to keep Yosef safe, often has him masquerading as a lowly carpenter in search of work.  They initially meet while both are in disguise, but when they are introduced properly he presumes her to be spoiled and petulant, and she thinks him arrogant and rude.  The intense chemistry between Yosef and Miriam–both as herself and the waif Meri–is hindered by her long standing engagement to Joseph ben Matthan, and the fact that she can't seem to control her hostility towards him. 


In a deliberate effort to humble Yosef's pride, Meri sets out to enlighten him on a number of topics, including the allegorical secrets of the Holy Science which religion seems to have kept hidden throughout time.  Her expertise in philosophy, theology and science of the stars is illuminating, and Yosef finds himself alarmingly attracted to the waif.  Although he knows he should put distance between them, he finds every opportunity to seek out the boy's company, unwittingly putting Miriam's reputation at perilous risk.   


Yosef discovers Meri at Qumran, where he has gone to meet the famed Baptist responsible for starting the New Covenant movement.  There his eyes are opened and he needs to determine what is most important to him.  Will he have the courage to follow his heart, wherever it might lead?  Can he afford not to?



The Greatest Story Ever Told:
                     The Yeshua Years

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