Fifteen years ago, I started the ambitious project of paraphrasing the bible in an effort to help explain its core meaning and values to my childrena sort of Cliff Notes, if you will.  Little did I know then the labyrinth I would be led through in an effort to find the truth.  There were inconsistencies and fundamental flaws in the logic and historicity in the version I was reading, or so I thought.  So I continued with another edition, and then a third.


Eventually I bought the Companion Bible with its treasure trove of notes and appendixes compiled by E. W. Bullinger.  These complementary materials provided extensive references, such as different translations and nuance interpretations of individualized text, as well as a plethora of supporting documentation to connect the dots.  Although this was quite helpful, it still did not resolve the basic discrepancies.  And the more analysis I did using conventional history and science, the more inconsistencies I found, leading me into many new areas of research and subsequent discovery.


I became a truth seeker, and then a truth advocate.  And then I simply became depressed.  As an engineer, I was taught how to conduct proper scientific research, and I have done a fair amount of this over my career.  I was also taught to think outside the box, but more importantly, to confirm one's theories.  This is critical, for if you cannot prove your ideology with indisputable facts, you are simply adopting opinionor dogmawhich is nothing more than prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true.


Yet sadly, this is exactly what I was finding in my research on many topics.  Opinions, beliefs, established rhetoric, rather than provable theory or facts.  It was quite frustrating.  Even more so when I began relating such practices to our current educational system in general.


Accepting dogma as true history or science, without fact checking or seeking proof, merely shows one has the ability to parrot back preordained tales.  Ironically, this is fairly close to the definition of faith, which is quoted as: a strong belief based on spiritual apprehension, rather than proof.  If you replace

"spiritual apprehension" with "apprehension of a less than stellar grade" you will begin to see my point.  Is one now merely to have faith in science?  In history?  In mathematics?  I think not.


Another issue I found in my investigation had to do with the increased granularity of specialization in the many disciplines of scholarship.  The physical sciences are interrelated, not only to each other but also to many different curriculum.  When archeology, for instance, uncovers evidence to refute standard or accepted history or geology, new theories need to be formulated and testedto further the truth, and these must be based on conclusive facts.  Today's sciences seem deliberately placed into discrete little bubbles in academia, which is concerning, for all things are related and therefore should be studied as such.  IMHO.


When a new theory is advanced which affects another discipline of science, there needs to be fierce consultation in order to resolve the discrepancy.  If scientists are too specialized in one field of study, to the exclusion of all others, they are unable to advance science and the overall progression of knowledge is diminished.  A travesty to be sure.  And when science is reduced to talking points in our schools and in the media, rather than true exploration, experimentation and an intense and scientific rendering of provable facts, there is a serious problem lurking about.


It was here that I realized the true dilemma in the original project I had begun.  If we were now simply to have faith in science, history, and other academic curriculum; that is, to trust our teachers, rather than question them, then perhaps the idea of faith itself was what was flawed.  Not belief mind you, but faith.


In my own seeking of critical answers, I began to research the unthinkable, alternative history and science advanced by men and women who have been defamed or deliberately shunned by academia.  And I am eternally grateful I did.  For without this introduction into the brilliant scholarship outside of the revered halls of academia, I would still be believing comets were dirty snowballs, and the solar system was 4.5 billion years old and hasn't changed since then.  I would also probably still believe the first and second World Wars were started by a tragic assignation plot and a less than brilliant, but crazed lunatic who had a fetish for evil science.


Dare I say, I had became a conspiracy theorist.


Of course, considering the writing and theories of alternative historians, by definition, puts one in the category of crackpot, as well.  Yet many of these historians and scientists I began to follow are themselves highly degreed researchers who have typically spent their entire academic careers analyzing and studying curriculums of history, the sciences, philosophy and religion.  Their only crime was in their attempt to advance new academic theories in their chosen area of study without the express permission of the hollowed institutions, or the so called experts, who are themselves recipients of millions of dollars of grant money from organizations I won't go into here.  In doing so they rocked the boat.  The level to which each boat was rocked seems to have had a direct correlation to how emphatic the naysayers were, and are, to the various thesis and those who pose them.


He who shouts the loudest is not always the most knowledgeable.  However, it appears to be a proven axiom today that he who screams the loudest is often the most influential in society.  And those in power or with means have the greatest ability to pay for hired screamers and shouters.


Due to this disturbing phenomenon, a criteria I still use today as one in determining BS versus potential feasibility on a particular topic or alternative theory, is the pitch of incredulity associated with the topic or author by standard academia, the media and the powers that be.


One such alternative-historian and scientist, one of the true heroes of the last century, and  who embarrassingly has yet to be publically exonerated by those who tried to destroy him, was a brilliant psychoanalyst who had the unpardonable nerve of treading into territorial research for which he was not sanctioned.  Immanuel Velikovsky's industrious career was deliberately and unconscionably sabotaged for presentingrather elegantlyan alternative rendering of an ancient timeline of history within Egypt and Palestine, along with introducing the science of geology and astronomy and assimilation of many ancient cultural writings to back up his theory.  He also introduced many other disciplines in his ground-breaking and very popular books.  Mr. Velikovsky was maligned and disparaged by the scholarly establishments in physics, geology, history and most venomously astronomy, and this criticism continued for decades until the day he died.  One seriously has to wonder why.


Perhaps as his theories and proofs were so revolutionary, it was as simple as academia's paranoia of not knowing how to cope with such radical new ideas, which had the ability to displace thousands of volumes of textbooks currently in print in the educational corridors of the world, and, of course, the monetary stakes associated with them.  But I think not.  By eliminating Mr. Velikovsky and other fine scholars and subjecting them to extensive ridicule, academia remains intact, grants and royalties continue to pour in, and we the public are left in the dark.


Although over the last decades much of Mr. Velikovsky's once outrageous postulations have been incorporated into the general body of teachable knowledge, to date there has yet to be any apology–or even acknowledgement–of these theories to the wonderful man who postured them.


Another great pioneer of truth, who has yet to be given his proper due and whose vigilant research and lifelong quest to enlighten has met with a tremendous smear campaign, along with more recent attempts to steal both his name and achievements, is the extraordinary and talented Jordan Maxwell.  Master Jordan is an independent scholar in the fields of ancient symbology, etymology, theology and religious philosophy.  He is the original source for the Zeitgeist documentaries, as well as many Hollywood productions, although rarely have they given him the credit.  We all owe Master Jordan a huge debt for the work he has done to inform and expose the truth.


And then there are the great minds of science who have also gone against the grain of those who control the message.  James McCanney, a plasma, nuclear and solid-state physicist has also been the victim of a mainstream campaign to curtail him and his brilliant work.  Professor McCanney's theoretical designs on celestial mechanics and plasma physics, along with his understanding of archeology, astronomy, mathematics and physics allowed him early in his career to publish academic papers regarding the electro-dynamic nature of the solar system, and in particular, how comets affect the whole of the universe.  He also postured the theory that the solar system is actually dynamic and adopting new members on an ongoing basis via planetary capture.


Without ever knowing Immanuel Velikovsky, Professor McCanney's scientific works provided the basis and theoretical keys which corresponds directly with Velikovsky and other scholars, although again without credit or acknowledgement from academia or scientific institutions.


Perhaps because he was too close to the truth and refused to be co-opted, Professor McCanney was asked to step down from his teaching position at Cornell University, although thankfully he did not go quietly into the night or stop his ingenious research.  Over the last three-and-a-half decades, all of Professor McCanney's predictions on the makeup and behavior of comets have now been proven by space probes.  Comets are not dirty snowballs; their nuclei have no ice or water on them; x-rays do form on the sunward side of a comet nuclei; and comets interact directly and sometimes violently with the sun to affect the Earth's weather.


Comically, these predictions from the early eighties continue to meet with amazement and consternation from the 'scientists' of NASA.  And like Velikovsky, academia and governmental agencies continue borrowing Professor McCanney's works in an effort to incorporate them into their own new, yet still immensely irrational theories.


To all three of these esteemed scholars, I owe a debt of gratitude.  They opened my eyes and allowed me to continue with my original project, although the end result would be quite different from what I had set out to do.


There are other scholars whom I'd like to thank in helping me formulate my thesis for this novel; including:  Arthur Palumbo Jr., Frank O'Collins, Obery Hendricks Jr., Michael Tsarion, Madame Helena Blavatsky, Levi H. Dowling, David Hughes, Michael Tellinger, Santos Bonacci, Dolores Cannon, David Wilcox, Robert Eisler, Robert Eisenman, Hugh Schonfield, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, Elaine Pagels, Nicolas Notovitch, Norman Dodd and Charlotte Iserbyt.  I am sure there are others and I apologize in advance for not naming them here.  Fifteen years of investigation is a long time.  Without their dedication and conviction to rendering the truth, people would not be awakening now.  I owe the aforementioned scholars a huge debt for knocking sense into me, and in doing so providing me the material for this fictional account of history.


As we all move towards the path to enlightenment, and begin to shed the fairy-tale science and make-believe history we have deliberately been fed for most of our lives, I thought it would be helpful to explore a more realistic accounting of our past.  This is a story of Miriam bat Helios and Yosef of Arimathea, and the subsequent events which changed the world forever.  It is deliberately written as fiction, and as an historical romance at that, to ensure my safety should I have gotten too close to the truth.


I apologize to those who might think this portrayal sacrilegious.  It was never my intent to defame any characters of the past, least of all religious ones.  I personally believe this rendering of history is at least as probable than the one we were given, and I genuinely hope you enjoy it; for there is more to come.


The Lord instructed us to specifically seek out the truth; to open our eyes and ears and minds.  I have sincerely tried my best to honor these commands.



November, 2015