Forever In My Heart

                                                     by Rebe James

                                    She hated him; She wanted him;  She would teach him a lesson...

                         An Unlikely Match


The Marquess of Newhampton is in need of an heir, but is indifferent about a wife; until a seductive temptress steals into Alexander's bed and captures his heart.  But then she vanishes from his life.


Lady Cassandra Cavendish wants no man.  In her opinion, they are arrogant, hellish brutes, with horrific manners and irrational tempers.  When they meet, Cassandra is reminded of why she holds them in such low regard.  She vows to teach this one a lesson he's not likely to forget.  Dressed as a commoner, Cassandra enters the household of Alexander's brother.  Her plan is to have him fall in love with her; and then to leave him wanting.


But love is a tricky emotion, and Cassandra risks losing herself in its grasp.


Will she be able to remain unaffected?  And will Alexander realize the prize which awaits him should he manage to win her heart?



The Greatest Story Ever Told:
                     The Yeshua Years

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