Cu Yehosha – Brother of Cu Laoch


Yehosha is the brother of Cu Laoch, King of Ireland ( xx-31 BCE) 


In 37 BCE, Yehosha, his daughter Rachel, and his nephew, the Crown Prince of Ireland, Cu Roi(n) (aka Seosam, Yosef's father) traveled to Jerusalem where Yehosha had agreed to allow his daughter to marry Mattathias/Matthan ben Levi, a recently announced Prince of Judaea by the new edict of the Grand Sanhedrin.  Matthan ben Levi is of the Abiudite line of King David.  This was his second marriage, with his first being to Estra/Elizabeth of Jerusalem, aka Princess Alexandra II.  They had a son, Alexander III Helios, aka Heli, who is the father of Miriam, aka Mary, and grandfather of Yeshua.


Rachel is 19 years old when she weds Mattathias in 37 BCE.  Cu Yehosha has brought his nephew Seosam Cu Roin on this trip to show/teach him the family international business interests.  They own mines in Cornwall, Gaul and Spain, as well as the shipping interests and storehouses of the metals that were mined there.  After his daughter’s marriage, Cu Yehosha and Seosam Cu Roin (Yosef's father), travel extensively to Britain, Rome, and Egypt, as well as Palestine.  While in Egypt and Palestine, Cu Yehosha and Seosam Cu Roin purchase multiple family estates in Bethany and Caesarea.  West of Jerusalem, a large estate is purchased. 


 Within a year after Rachel’s marriage, they had a son.  He is named Joshua (born in 36 BCE).  Unfortunately, Rachel had problems with the delivery of her son and is very weak thereafter. Two years later she dies.  Cu Yehosha decides to remain in Judaea to help raise his grandson.  He moves into one of the larger estates they have purchased outside of Jerusalem.  Four years later, Mattathias is murdered by Herod for sedition.  Cu Yehosha brings his grandson to live with him in the town that is now known as Arimathea.  He grows up being known as Joshua of Arimathea.


Seosam Cu Roin remains with his uncle for a time and while in Egypt he meets and falls in love with a Jewish Priestess and daughter of the High Priest of YAHU, named Esu.  In 35 BCE, he marries her at Elephantine Island, a Jewish temple in Egypt before returning home to Ireland, and where he will eventually succeed his father as King.  In 34 BCE, he and Esu have a son, Cu Cuileann, aka Yosef who will go by the name of Yosef and be given the title Ha Rama Theo, or ‘of Divine Highness’.