Cu-Laoch – King of Ireland (xx – 31 BCE)


Extremely wealthy, Cu Laoch owned vast gold mines in Ireland, in addition to tin, antimony and lead mines in Cornwall Britain, France and Spain.  These metals/minerals were critical in the smelting production of bronze, which was used predominately in the Roman (and others) military.  Cu Laoch and his family also own and control vast shipping fleets used to transport these metals to the vast storehouses around the Mediterranean.  Alliances to Cu Laoch and his family were considered very strategic.  Gaius/Julius Caesar once met with Cu Laoch to secure his help in getting the various Celtic tribes of the Britons to accept Roman rule.  Many of the British Isle’s mines had stopped production because of infighting amongst the Celtic tribes; and as these mines were vital to the various military armies, this had caused significant issues for the Roman military at the time. 


Legend has it that it was while Caesar was in Ireland, Cu Laoch sent him to meet a seer who had a tremendous affect on his governing policies.  When Caesar gained control of Rome some years later, he enacted democratic changes that became some of the founding principles of democracy today.


Cu Laoch and his line were also the ranking descendents of King Zedekiah, the last ‘true’ King of Israel.  They were direct descendents of Princess Tamar and King Enochaid.