Rebe James is an electrical and bio-medical engineer who has worked in a number of disciplines over the years.  Although she has enjoyed writing all of her life, The Greatest Story Ever Told - Take Two is her first self-published novel.


Ms. James got the idea for this work more than a decade ago when she began paraphrasing the bible in an effort to help explain its core meaning and values to her children.  The inconsistencies in the logic and historicity of what she was researching, however, led her to do more analysis, which compelled her begin seriously investigating alternative history and science; that is, research advanced by men and women who are often deliberately shunned by standard academia.  Yet many of these historians and scientists are themselves highly degreed researchers who had spent their entire academic careers analyzing and studying curriculums of history, the sciences, philosophy and religion.  Their only crime seems to be in their attempt to advance new academic theories in their chosen area of study without the express permission of these hollowed institutions. 


The result of over a decade of research, Ms. James has created a trilogy account of history for the period between 10 BCE to 70 CE.  The Greatest Story Ever Told:  A Love Story, is the first in this fictional series.


Ms. James lives quietly in suburbia with her cat Romeo.