Ananias ben Sie (Seth) – High Priest 6 – 16 CE


Born in 38 BCE, Ananias ben Seth is nephew to Simon Boethus, High Priest from 23 to 5 BCE.  He will become High Priest himself from 6 to 16 CE.


Ananias is the son of Sethus (Sie) of Syria, a powerful Sadducee with estates outside Antioch.


He was the grandson of Boethus of Egypt.  Ananias had five sons, four of which became High Priests.  His grandson, Ananias ben Ananias ben Ananias, was responsible for killing James the Righteous, the brother of Jesus, often thought of as the beginning of the end of the Jerusalem.

Ananias’ son-in-law, Joseph Caiaphas, would also be a High Priest and would be responsible for the trial of Jesus.


Ananias was appointed High Priest in 6 CE by the Roman legate Quirinus, just after the Romans deposed Archelaus as Ethnarch of Judaea and place it under direct Roman rule as part of the Idumaea Province.  He served in this office for ten years, until the new procurator Valerius Gratus dismissed him in 16 CE.


He is succeeded by Eleazar ben Ananias, his eldest son, who serves from 16 – 17 CE.  In all, four of his sons, his grandson Ananias, and son-in-law Joseph Caiaphas will serve as High Priests of Jerusalem prior to the destruction of its Temple in 68 CE.


Ananias ben Ananias, one of Ananias's sons, is friends with Yosef Cu Cuileann.  They know each other from when Yosef first moved to Judaea. They are both wealthy, but Cu Cuileann and his family are powerfully connected in their own right, him being a Crown Prince and then King of Ireland (in Exile).